Easier oyster shucking

You will need a good oyster shucking knife. Other knives are not suitable or effective for shucking oysters.

You will also need sturdy protective gloves, especially for the non-dominant hand in which you are holding the oyster.


With the flatter side of the oyster facing up, insert the blade at the hinge between the two halves of the shell. You may need to press hard and vibrate the knife to achieve this.

Twist the blade until there is a slight pop.

Slide the blade in and across the inside of the upper shell to cut the adductor muscle, which holds the shell closed. Take care to keep the oyster flat so that you do not lose that delicious oyster liqueur.


Use small wire clippers or the like to “bite” about 1/8 inch into the shell at a point on the side opposite the hinge. Make the cut straight in toward the center.

Then slip your knife in at the clipped opening and slide it across the inside of the upper shell to cut the muscle, as above.

Last, twist the knife to pop off the upper shell, still keeping the oyster flat so you don’t lose a drop of that precious oyster liqueur.